The column third from the right is the Last Activity column and is a dropdown box of options. By default, your inbox will be sorted based on this dropdown box. Here are some descriptions of the sort order based on these statuses:


Last Activity: Easy sorting method based on the most recent activity that was taken. 

Unread: Easy sorting method that pushes your unread messages to the top of the list. 

Statuses Set Automatically:

Connected, No reply: Prospect has accepted your invitation to connect but has not messaged you. 

Owe Reply: Prospect has messaged you but you have not replied.

Talking: Prospect has messaged you and you have replied. 

Statuses you can set manually (optional):

Trying to book

To follow up

Not connected

Custom Status 1

Custom Status 2

Custom Status 3

Call/meeting scheduled

Not interested


Not a fit

If you have Google Sheet sync enabled, all statuses will be shown on your campaign’s Google Sheet.