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Getting Started with CASTANET (1)

Kick-start your journey with CASTANET. Our 'Getting Started' category simplifies the process, ensuring a seamless lead generation experience.

Campaigns (2)

Dive into the world of campaigns with CASTANET's "Campaigns" category. Discover valuable insights in the "Campaigns - General Info" folder and explore the diverse targeting options in the "Targeting Options" folder. Maximize your marketing efforts and reach your target audience effectively with CASTANET's comprehensive campaign management solutions.

Sequences (1)

Explore the world of sequences in CASTANET and learn how to effectively engage with your prospects. Discover techniques for creating, customizing, and managing sequences to optimize your outreach efforts and achieve better results in your campaigns.

Dashboard (1)

Explore the CASTANET Dashboard category to understand its functionalities and capabilities. Discover how to access important campaign statistics, monitor recent and upcoming activity, and leverage the powerful features of the dashboard to optimize your LinkedIn outreach strategies.

Inbox & Messages (1)

Explore the powerful features of the CASTANET Inbox & Messages category. Learn how to effectively manage your contacts, track conversations, and streamline your communication.

My Network (1)

Discover the power of your LinkedIn network with CASTANET's "My Network" category. Sync and manage your connections, access detailed profiles, and unleash the potential of your professional network.

Blacklist (1)

Discover how to effectively manage your blacklist in CASTANET. Keep unwanted contacts out of your campaigns and maintain control over your audience.

Settings (1)

Explore the settings category in CASTANET's Support Portal to fine-tune your account preferences and optimize your outreach strategy.

Credentials (1)

The Credentials category in CASTANET's support portal provides essential information on managing your LinkedIn account credentials.

My Account (1)

Discover tips on optimizing network performance, troubleshooting connectivity issues, setting up devices, and maximizing the potential of your network infrastructure for a seamless and efficient experience.

Managing Multiple Accounts (1)

Master the art of managing multiple accounts with the Managing Multiple Accounts category. Enhance productivity and maximize results across all your accounts.

Pricing (1)

Explore CASTANET's pricing for Solo, Small Team/Agency, and Enterprise plans. Discover features, costs, profile management, and flexible pricing options.

Whitelabel Program (1)

Discover the Whitelabel Program category, offering agencies a customized lead generation solution.

Tips For Success (1)

Unlock success with the Tips For Success category. Get actionable tips to achieve your goals and maximize results with CASTANET's comprehensive resources.

Integrations (3)

Discover the comprehensive Integrations category, exploring the seamless integration options with CASTANET.