There are two different kinds of stats measured by CASTANET. To find these, open your CASTANET Dashboard. The first section will show overall stats but scrolling down will show you campaign stats. See the definitions below to better understand your statistics. 

Overall Stats: The combined statistics of all campaigns on your account. 

Campaign Stats: Statistics related to each individual campaign. 

Profile Views: The number of prospect profiles you have viewed. 

Follows: The number of prospects you follow.

Messages: The number of messages you have sent. 

Endorsements: The number of endorsements you have given to prospects. 

Other Message Replies: The number of messages you have received not in response to your invitations to connect. 

Acceptance Rate (Campaign-specific): The number of invitations to connect you have sent that have been accepted, measured as a percentage. 

Reply Rate (Campaign-specific): The number of prospects that have replied to your contact attempts, measured as a percentage. 

Avg Msgs Til Reply (Campaign-specific): The average number of messages you send before a prospect replies.