LinkedIn has been tightening restrictions regarding the number of invitations a user can send in an attempt to cut out bots from affecting their platform. In addition to making sure that you are targeting the right people and sending appropriate messaging for your campaigns, please consider the following suggestions to hit the “sweet spot” in terms of avoiding LI’s temporary restrictions:

  • Lowering the number of invitations sent within a given time period. This can be adjusted with the sliders on the “Settings” page in CASTANET. In general, we think it’s best to limit your invitations to connect to 100 per week. 

  • Adjust your CASTANET settings to automatically remove pending invitations after a certain period of time. If you have a low acceptance rate or a high number of pending invitations, LI is more likely to impose restrictions. In general, stick to the 400-600 range. 

Keep in mind that the restrictions LI has put in place are only temporary and are not thought to mean much of anything, except that you will be unable to send any new invitations for a short time.