In the past, the “View Profile” action has typically been leveraged as part of a Sequence to create a more human-like behavior. For prospects that are Premium users, reports show who has viewed their profile, so when you combine that action with an Invite to Connect and a few follow-on Messages, it’s a great way to get on your prospect's radar.


Recently, we’ve updated the way our system performs certain actions on your profile's behalf. As a result, one Profile View is consumed with each of the following actions:

  • Invite
  • Message
  • Endorsement
  • Follow
  • Profile View


As of October 2022, the Profile Views setting controls not just how many "View Profile" actions you can complete per day, but ALSO how many total actions you can complete per day, since all actions now consume profile views.

IMPORTANT: If your Settings have the Profile View limits turned down low, this will also limit the number of other actions the system can take. It’s recommended that you increase your Profile View limit to cover the combined actions of your daily Invitations to Connection + Messages + Endorsements + Follows