How to Sync to HighLevel CRM

Modified on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 10:15 AM

NOTE: Contacts without an email address or phone number cannot be synced due to HighLevel CRM.

Required before starting:

  • CASTANET account with at least one profile connected
  • HighLevel CRM account

Connecting HighLevel CRM to CASTANET:

  1. Log in to CASTANET and choose the profile you want to sync contacts from.
  2. Visit the credentials page at
  3. Click Connect HighLevel under HighLevel CRM authentication. Choose an account or log into HighLevel CRM if you haven't already.

Create a new Workflow within HighLevel CRM:

  1. Log into and choose the desired sub-account, if necessary.
  2. Visit the Automation page and click Create a new workflow.
  3. Choose to start from scratch.
  4. You don't need to add anything for "Add new workflow trigger" -- CASTANET will trigger the workflow.
    • CASTANET will automatically create a new contact in your CRM when this workflow is triggered, so you don't need to add an additional step to do so.
  5. Click the (+) button to add an action. In addition to creating a new contact for you, HighLevel CRM will perform these actions each time the workflow is triggered by CASTANET. Some examples would be:
    • Add contact tag 
    • Create/update opportunity
    • Send an email or call
  6. Click Save Action.
  7. Continue adding all the actions you want to happen when CASTANET sends a contact into HighLevel CRM.
  8. Optionally, set a memorable name for your new workflow, then click Save.
  9. In the upper-right corner, toggle from Draft to Published. The automation must be published to run the actions you chose. Otherwise, only the contact will be created.

Configure a Sequence within CASTANET to use your new workflow:

  1. Log into CASTANET and visit your Sequences page.
  2. Click on an existing sequence, or create a new one.
  3. At the bottom of the sequence page, you should see two menus. Choose the workflow you want to trigger in each case, if applicable.
    • "Connected" Workflow - Triggers this workflow any time a contact accepts your connection request.
    • "Follow up in CRM" Status Workflow - Triggers this workflow any time you change a contact's status to "Follow up in CRM" within the campaign.
  4. After configuring your sequence and choosing the HighLevel CRM Options, click Save.

Create a new campaign to use with the sequence:

  1. Visit your Campaigns page. You can create a new campaign to use this sequence (or trigger) or change the sequence associated with an existing campaign if it hasn't already started running.
  2. At the top of the page, choose which sequence you'd like to use for the campaign. (This should be the one you created in the previous section.)
  3. Click Next to save.

The setup is complete. Now, CASTANET will send your prospects' information to HighLevel CRM when they accept your connection request, or you choose "Follow up in CRM," whichever you have chosen. 

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