After creating your CASTANET account, continue setup by connecting the LinkedIn profile that you would like to manage. Please make sure that the credentials you enter in CASTANET are the credentials you use to log into your LinkedIn profile

  1. Enter LinkedIn credentials, ensuring that they match.

  2. Click the “Save credentials” button and allow the system about a minute to verify the credentials. When this is finished, you’ll see a message that states “Verification needed”.

  3. Open a new browser tab and check your email to find a verification code from us. The verification code will expire shortly, so please complete the next steps as soon as you can to avoid having to send a new code. 

  4. Copy this code and head back to the CASTANET page. Here, paste the code you received via email and use the “Verify account” button. After a few moments, the validation process should complete and your accounts will be connected.