The “Import” target option is most appropriate if you would like to build a campaign that targets very specific people. This may take a bit of extra work, as it will require you to create a list of LinkedIn profiles you’d like to target. However, once the list is made, the rest is easy.


  1. Log into CASTANET, open the “Campaigns” page, and choose to “Create New Campaign.”

  1. Within the “Who do you want to target” form, select “Import”.

  1. You may name this campaign in the “Name” field that appears below.

  1. Paste your list of LinkedIn profile URLs into the large box below the “Name” field. Please make sure to use a separate line for each profile URL. 

  1. Press the “Next” button to generate your CASTANET prospect list. This will take roughly 1 minute per 100 prospects.