If you would like to target members of a specific group on LinkedIn, CASTANET makes this easy. 

To create a campaign based on LinkedIn group members, follow these instructions:

  1. Open your LinkedIn homepage and use the search box at the top of the page. 

    1. Type a keyword into the search box and click “Enter”.

    2. When the results populate, you will see filters at the top. Please choose the “Groups” filter to narrow the search results. 

  1. Next, click on one of the groups and use the “Request to join” button on the group page. You’ll need to wait until your request has been accepted before you can proceed. 

  1. Once you are a part of the LinkedIn group, open the group page and copy the site’s URL. 

  2. Back in CASTANET, open the “Campaigns” page and choose to “Create New Campaign.”

  1. Within the “Who do you want to target” form, select “Group members”

  1. In the next form, you’ll see a field titled “LinkedIn URL”. Paste the URL that you just copied from LinkedIn here. 

  1. Press the “Next” button to generate your CASTANET prospect list. This will take roughly 1 minute per 100 prospects.