To set up a CASTANET campaign based on LinkedIn search results, follow these steps:

  1. From your LinkedIn account, use the upper left hand corner search box to search for the prospects you are interested in. You can search for any variable (name, location, etc), just like you would any LinkedIn search. 

  2. Once you see the search results page, copy the URL in your browser. 

  3. Back in CASTANET, open the “Campaigns” page and choose the “+ New Campaign” button.

  1. Within the “Who do you want to target” form, select “LinkedIn search results”

  1. In the next form, you’ll see a field titled “LinkedIn URL”. Paste the URL that you just copied from LinkedIn here. 

  1. Press the “Next” button to generate your CASTANET prospect list. This will take roughly 1 minute per 100 prospects.