Any of your contacts within a campaign can be added to your blacklist. Blacklisting a contact will prevent CASTANET from ever contacting this user. 

To blacklist a contact, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your CASTANET account and open the Campaigns page. 

  2. Scroll to find the campaign that contains the prospect you’d like to blacklist and click to open the campaign page. 

  3. Scroll or use the search box to find the user that you would like to blacklist. 

  4. The second column from the left is the “Blacklist” column. Use this toggle to add or remove a contact from your blacklist.

    1. Add to blacklist: Toggle on right, blue in color

    2. Remove from blacklist: Toggle on left, grey in color. 

  5. Open the Blacklist page in CASTANET and verify that the contact was added to your blacklist.